Announcement: League cancels weekend games

The following is a statement issued by Saugeen Shores Winterhawks President Gord Lamont:

“Regretfully, we are being forced by the WOAA to postpone the start of the playoffs, due to an appeal launched by the Tavistock Royals.

Earlier this month, a Tavistock player received a roughing major in a game in Petrolia, which carries a suspension.

Despite this, the player was dressed for Tavistock’s next two games, including a win over Milverton.

Once this was discovered, the league stepped in and declared the game a forfeit and stripped Tavistock of their win.

In last few days, Tavistock has appealed this decision. The appeal will be heard on Thursday.

The outcome of the appeal is expected on Friday, and it could change the playoff matchups if it comes out in Tavistock’s favour.

Given this, the league has ordered that all playoff games scheduled for this weekend (Feb. 1st-3rd) be postponed for one week.

I wish to apologize to our fans and sponsors who had planned to attend this weekend’s game. This situation is out of our control, but is deeply regrettable.

We will pass along an updated schedule once we have further information, but we expect to open the playoffs at home on Friday, February 8th at 8:30pm.

Again, I apologize on behalf of the Saugeen Shores Winterhawks and hope you will join us for an exciting playoff run.”

UPDATE 2/1/2019: On January 31st, the W.O.A.A. board of directors denied the appeal filed by Tavistock. However, Tavistock has opted to file an additional appeal to a W.O.A.A. review panel, as is their right.

It is hoped the appeal will be heard by the end of the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Announcement: League cancels weekend games

  1. Dave mccormick says:

    This is EXACTLY why this league needs a better organization operating it. How many appeals have they dealt with over the past couple of weeks. Not to mention over the last number of years. The players deserve better.


  2. Peter Pepper says:

    Totally stupid. The woaa again shows that it is a micky mouse organization. Regardless of out come of appeal, games could still be scheduled, top four teams will still be top four teams, bottom four could change position but would still be bottom four


  3. Doug Longmire says:

    So sad not only this issue but many of Winterhawks fans believe Durham Thundcats should be kicked out of the League after their and some of their fans dispicable treatment of one of Winterhawks player few years ago


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